Women in Sports

February is the official month for National Girls and Women in Sports

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This month reminds us of the struggles our fore sisters experienced just to be given an equal opportunity to participate in sports and athletics. It signifies many significant changes throughout sports history along with celebrating the positive outcomes from the adversity and tribulations these great women endured. This month is to celebrate and honor the girls and women who have gone before us, making it possible for us to participate today, as well as uplift the girls and women participating in sports/athletics today.

It wasn’t long ago that girls and women were not allowed to participate in sports or athletics.
It wasn’t long ago that girls and women were felt to be too fragile to exercise.
It wasn’t long ago that girls and women were told they were not allowed to play.
It wasn’t long ago that girls and women were segregated from males in Physical Education classes.
It wasn’t long ago that girls and women were not given equal rights to participate in sports and athletics.

This special time is dedicated to all the girls and women who:
1. Helped pave the way for girls and women to participate in athletics throughout history.
2. Made a contribution that led to the advancement of girls and women being given the right to participate in sports/athletics.
3. Helped create Title IX.
4. Continue to fight the good fight (as the saying goes).

There is more information than I could possibly supply you, but hope you will take the time to discover the wonders of these fabulous girls and women, whether it be on a personal level or within your Ohana.


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  • Project Option 1

    GoGirlGo! Program
    *These materials and this program are all FREE.
    Program includes:
    1. GoGirlGo Leader’s Guide (1): although it states it is for 3rd-8th grade, there is a lot of great ideas, tips, and information, that can be modified for any grade level:
    a. Letter from Billie Jean King.
    b. Information on how to become a free member of the Women’s Sports Foundation (free membership card, key chain, and subscription to one of two magazines).
    c. Information on extra activities.
    d. Resources.
    e. GoGirl World-a place girls can go online to experience an atmosphere that fosters their interest in physical activity and connects them to others with the same interests.
    f. Character education: Tee, Rosa, Uni, and Alex.
    g. The GoGirls! Guide to Life, which features a champion female athletes stories and accompanying educational information and activities. Topics include: bullies, emotions, leadership, body image, tolerance, smoking, nutrition, family issues, sleep deprivation, substance abuse, anger, sex and dating, and harassment. *To utilize the on-line sessions: www.GoGirlGo.com and look for the session archives.
    h. Six Ways to Boost Girl’s Self-Esteem-Six Concrete Things that an Adult can do to Help a Girl (p. 59-60).
    i. Tips to get a girl active; what it means to be active; changing attitudes about Physical Fitness; Buddy up: the importance of teamwork; stick with it: reinforcing participation and interest.

    2. GoGirlGo Parent’s Guide (12, one per girl in your class), which contains a lot of great information to get girls active and keep them active, along with an assortment of other information.

    3. GoGirls! Guide to Life Student “Handbook”, which contains the stories from the female athletes.

    4. GoGirls! Scrapbook, which has a lot of neat ideas, places to write thoughts and feelings, and other cool stuff.

    In my classes, I will be spending a few moments talking with the students about what this month means, how it affects them (boys too!), and why it is important we continue to strive to maintain these goals. Each class we will spend a minute or so discussing one of these wonderful women.   Students are encouraged, if they so desire-NOT required-to do their own research, reading, and extra credit “projects”, which they may share with the class. There is a special extra credit project available, which can be found on-line.